Getting to Know Jimmy Li

Jimmy Li, a lifelong Democrat, is not a career politician. Growing up as the son of immigrants, he understands the issues and struggles immigrant and working family face daily because it was his experience growing up. He is an everyday New Yorker and a well-respected grass-root community advocate for his immigrant and working-class neighbors for more than a decade. He has lived in District 10 most of his life and knows the issues confronted by the communities in District 10 well.

Jimmy co-founded the New York City Asian-American Democratic Club and Asian American Community Empowerment (AACE), a nonprofit coalition of Asian American organizations that consists of more than 60 member organizations nationwide. As an Asian-American community leader for more than 10 years, Jimmy has worked closely with other community leaders and allies on Anti-AAPI Hate, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), gentrification and affordable housing, high quality education for all, and other important social issues.

Jimmy has always put in the work with the community with more than 10 years of experience serving the grassroots. He has always been and will continue to be committed to helping his community from the ground up. District 10 is in need of a strong representative to enact legislation and not just campaign platitudes. We must take action now to improve public safety in our community, advance racial equity, combat hate crimes, provide high quality education for our children, care for our seniors, and support and protect small businesses.

Jimmy believes that empowering the community with agency, engagement, and inclusivity are key for social change and social equality. These core values will define his actions, decision-making, and governing policy as our congressman, our voice on Capitol Hill.